Thursday, April 8, 2010

New Hobbies...

So these past few weeks Steven has been teaching me to do something I would of never done otherwise. He has taught me how to longboard. I think the correct words to use in that sentence would be is teaching because I am terrible.

But the only problem is we only have 1 board. So Steven walks Iver while I practice and I feel awful using it when he doesn't have one. te he. I am waiting to get one, they are not that expensive, but they are more money than I have.

I am waiting on my tax returns (they are being sent back to me tomorrow) to buy one. :)
So if I don't blog or get on Facebook soon, it is because I have died.

So there is just that heads up. Let me know if you have an extra longboard and want to go with me. haha. Because I am going to want to use it. OR tell me if you want to longboard when I get one, because I need boarding friends. :)

That's all, folks.

Stevens actual board. I am jealous of him. ha

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