Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fools

Today I tried to be sneaky. Steven tried to pour a cup of freezing cold water on me this morning then said "April Fools". Steve, this is not a joke. It really happened. You cannot say "just kidding" after something like that. So I decided to get him back. First I got a pill to change his urin red. Yes, oldest trick in the book. But I was so excited. I put it in his coke, thinking it would just desolve and he could drink it, and it turned it red. I got caught. Then I thought I needed to be a little more cleaver. So I posted adds on KSL for random things he was selling. He got texts and phone calls all day for random things. He was so confused at first but I finally told him. I could only pretend to laugh at Chelsea Handler for so long. :) He is still a little bitter twards me, but he will get over it. I also did something stupid to my computer and it crashed. I said "April Fools" and he got to reformat it for me! Yay! I love it now. He didn't get to pull any more pranks on me, but all I know is I better not be with him next year. I know he is smarter with pranks than me. We have a lot of fun together on random holidays, though. Just because I haven't blogged in so long I will post a picture from St. Patricks day. :)

So cute. I love Steven. His tie and hat made my year. :)

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