Thursday, April 8, 2010


I have found recently that I may be addicted to some things. I never thought this would happen to me. I haven't been addicted to anything in my life before, but the time has come. Here is a list of the random and senseless things I have found to be taking up the majority of my free time:

1. Modern Family.
One of the best, if not thee best show I have ever seen. If you haven't ever seen it, here is an episode:

2. Gossip Girls.
I never liked it until the last couple months. I am not sure why I like it, either. It is such a fake, unrealistic show. But I find it oddly interesting.

3. Facebook.
I don't even do anything exciting on there. But it keeps me updated on random things in peoples lives and for some reason I feel like I need to know these random things. Who knows.

4. Work.
I haven't worked in over a year then all of a sudden I got 2
great jobs. Pier1 and Planet Beach. I work 12 hour days sometimes between the both, then on my days off I consume my time with the things on this list. Blah.

5. Music.
When Stew and I first started dating I wasn't really a huge fan of his music. Don't get me wrong, I still love my little teenybop music they play on the radio, but the other day on my way to work I found myself saying to Steve, "Play something complex and heavy. I need something harder to listen to right now." I like his mellow music, too. Here are a couple bands has has introduced to me that I love:
Minus the Bear, Elliot Smith, Pinback, Bon Iver (the band/guy we named our dog after), Misery Signals, Poison the Well, Hot Cross, The Chariot, Band of Horses, Genghis Tron, Russian Circles, Mogwai, and probably a few more I can't remember. But I feel like the music we listen to makes us closer. Music is Stevens life, if you didn't know that already.

6. Firefox Window Shopping.
I can't buy anything, yet. But looking for furniture and things of that nature makes me feel like I am accomplishing something. Who knows why.

7. Sleeping.
I sleep too much. And just a word to the wise: Never take 2 Unisom. No matter how much you think you need it. I slept for an entire night and day. Not good.

8. Movies.
Steven and I download a new movie (if not 4 or 5) every single day. Just today alone we watched The Fourth Kind and started to watch Planet 51. :) I love movie time.

9. Candy.
After reading this list then adding candy to it, I realize that I am going to get chubby. Soon. If I don't change my ways. I haven't ever been a big fan of candy or chocolate. But all of a sudden I am.

10. Last, but not least, Pickles.
I love love love pickles and the juice. We got online the other night to see if we could buy just pickle juice. You can, but it is expensive. Lame.

So if you read this, I am sorry to waist your time.
But thank you. :)
I need to get new addictions. I will let you know when I change it up. :)

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  1. i just got caught on gossip girls too. its so stupid, but yet so interesting!